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The Art of Community

Communities are not built with concrete and steel, but by people who share a sense of ownership and pride in where they live.


With a population of 1.7 million people, Broward County is larger than 13 states.  Our rich diversity of residents from different countries, different states, and different cultures contribute to fragmentation of our population and isolation of different groups within Broward’s 1,200 square miles.  Furthermore, with current trends of migration, sprawl, and increased mobility, many residents do not feel strongly connected to, or identify with, their communities.  It is vital for the future of Broward to implement strategies to solidify individuals’ connections to our county and to each other.  
The Community Foundation of Broward seeks to nurture civic-engagement by bringing diverse residents, sectors and organizations together using the arts to address community problems.

To spark these new collaborations and promote civic-engagement the Community Foundation issued the...
Art of Community Engagement Challenge 

The Art of Community Engagement Challenge will:  
  1. Impact issues of public concern through collaborative civic-engagement projects using the arts
  2. Demonstrate the arts are essential to community problem solving in Broward County
  3. Connect residents to each other and their community as they work on meaningful projects

Why Civic Engagement
Civic engagement projects provide a powerful community motive to bring people together.  It can be defined as actions that identify and address public issues.  Through civic engagement, Broward residents are empowered to be instruments of positive social change and develop stronger societal bonds as they work to make a difference in the civic life of our communities.  

Why Art?
The Arts are a nonthreatening, interactive means to involve people in creating solutions to important issues.   We believe:
  • Art is a tool to stimulate critical thinking, communication, and creative problem solving
  • Art has the power to bond people to each other and their community 
  • Art has the power to be utilized more to address significant community problems
  • Art is a universal language that connects individuals regardless of ethnicity, gender, orientation or age
Why Connect Residents?
A report by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation in partnership with Gallup showed “a significant connection exists between residents’ levels of emotional attachment to their community and its economic growth.”  

Shared meaningful experiences are an effective tool to connect people and create a sense of pride for, and attachment to, their community.    

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