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Call to Broward Cities Broward 100 – Celebrating the Art of Community Broward 100 Mural Project

March 11, 2014

DUE: April 25, 2014
In celebration of Broward County’s centennial, Broward 100 – Celebrating the Art of Community, Broward Cultural Division would like the assistance of Broward cities and Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs) to identify specific outdoor locations for murals and potential partnerships with public and private entities. Broward artists will be commissioned to create nine or more murals in prominent outdoor locations.  
Broward 100 will commemorate Broward County’s centennial with bold, innovative art and performance projects that attract visitors and bring Broward residents together using the arts to creatively bridge, bond and build their communities. Broward 100 will be framed by four distinct cornerstones of community engagement: VisualEYES, Inside Out Broward, Calendar 100 and a culminating event. The goal of the Broward 100 Mural Project, a component of VisualEYES, is to create murals that are located in all sectors of the community, that are a visual tribute to Broward County and for the visual arts to be recognized as essential to a strong community.
Description of Broward 100 Mural Project
A minimum of one mural project will be implemented in each of nine (9) County Commission Districts.  Broward Cultural Division will manage the artist selection process and, through a Call to Artists, will develop a pool of eligible artists to be selected for a mural commission. Murals will be applied to walls owned by a city, Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) or a private entity that is willing to contract with the County and allow the artwork to remain in place for a minimum of five (5) years and provide general maintenance to the site.  The artist will be required to warrantee the artwork for two (2) years and thereafter conservation and maintenance will be the responsibility of the property owner. 
The County will be solely responsible for developing a pool of eligible artists or artist’s teams and assigning an artist to a mural location. Selected artists, or a minimum of one member of an artist team, must be Broward County residents. Each artist will collaborate with the local community to create a conceptual design that will be approved by the Art of Community Programming Committee (ACPC). Prior to designing the mural, the artist will be responsible for carrying out community engagement activities that will inform the artwork and guide the design.  However, this is not a community design project and the work will be the artist’s original concept. Selected artists may be required to participate in a community engagement training program and a technical training program hosted by the County.
Mural designs will be reflective of the community and the neighborhood. Permission must be granted in writing by the Cultural Division to incorporate a portrait of any living person into the mural.  A Quick Response (QR) code will be included in the signage and the sponsors will be listed on the County’s Broward 100 website. 
Public Private Partnerships
The County is seeking partnerships to ensure the success of the Broward 100 Mural Project.  Partners will be public or private entities and may offer in-kind assistance such as waiving permit fees or waiving a permit requirement, preparing or repairing the wall, committing to maintenance of the mural including cleaning up adjacent areas or removing any graffiti, committing to biannual inspection and long-term conservation of the mural, installation of lighting, providing scaffolding and lifts for the artist or other assistance that will reduce the cost and ensure the success of the project. A media plan will be developed by the County and donors will be thanked and acknowledged via press releases, plaques, publications, tweets, etc.
Criteria for Sites
Preferred sites will be highly visible walls in excellent condition, north facing walls, walls that are outdoors and have some type of protection from the elements such as a soffitbreeze soleil or overhang.  Sites without windows are preferred.  Minimum wall size shall be 200 square feet.
Ineligible: private residences
Who should Submit
Each city or CRA may submit one (1) site for consideration by the ACPC.
What to Submit
Submit a letter of interest signed by the mayor, city manager or CRA director and the following:
  • Detailed description of the wall and the location explaining the visibility, nighttime lighting and why the site should be selected.  Note any special conditions
  • Address of the proposed site
  • Dimensions of the wall
  • Name and contact information of the owner
  • State all permit requirements and if  the city will waive the requirement, waive the fee or expedite the permit
  • State any in-kind donation that will be made
  • Submit one (1) CD with digital images of the wall and surrounding site.  Images should be recent
Materials may be submitted to the Broward Cultural Division,
100 S. Andrews Avenue, Sixth Floor, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Application Deadline
Friday, April 25, 2014 – 5:00 p.m.
Where to Submit
Please send application materials to the following address:
Broward Cultural Division
100 S. Andrews Ave
6th Floor
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Attn:  Dawn Robinson 
How Locations Will Be Selected
The Art of Community Programming Committee will select one site and one alternate site in each County Commission district. The Cultural Division will inspect the selected site and the alternate and make a recommendation based on the findings of the inspection.  The Art of Community Programming Committee may conduct site visits prior to making their final determination.
Anticipated Art Project Schedule 
Artist Selection – May 2014
Implementation – December 2014 - October 2015
Application Deadline 
Friday, April 25, 2014 – 5:00 p.m.
For Additional Information and Questions
Contact:  Dawn Robinson or Jody Leshinsky
Phone:  (954) 357-7457
FAX:  (954) 357-5769
Email: or

About the Broward Cultural Division 
Broward Cultural Division is a local arts agency, one of thousands across the United States providing financial, technical and marketing assistance to artists and arts organizations. Broward County has more than 1.7 million residents, 13.1 million visitors, 10,000 artists, 7,773 arts-related businesses employing 26,755 people, 575 not-for-profit cultural organizations and 31 cities, some of which operate their own arts councils and public art programs. For more information, call 954-357-7457, visit, “like us” on and “follow us” on  For more information about Broward 100 please email

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