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Foundation Featured in DRW Magazine

2016_8_1_DRW-Magazine_Aug16-1-(1).pngIn the August 2016 issue #328 of DRW Magazine, Thor Barraclough, VP of Marketing and Communications for the Community Foundation of Broward, describes what the Foundation is doing to bring together philanthropists, nonprofits and residents for greater impact in Broward.


The Community Foundation of Broward directs your money to the right charities


What do helping Broward kids graduate high school, cancer research in Davie, and the protection of bald eagles at Flamingo Gardens have in common? The answer is all three of these causes are being supported by the Community Foundation of Broward.

In fact, whether through the arts, education, healthcare, conservation, human services, or another cause, chances are you have been touched by a Community Foundation grant. Yet I am often asked, “what does a community foundation do?”

The answer is actually pretty simple. We help people create personalized charitable Funds that make their giving as effective and meaningful as possible.

The next question is, of course, what is a “Fund?” A Community Foundation Fund acts like your permanent charitable nest egg that grows over time while also supporting the causes or organizations you care about.

So why do people need help giving their money to charity? Well, it turns out, to give to charity is easy; to give effectively is really hard. Great philanthropists have a crystal clear goal and know the partners capable of helping them reach it. There are more than 4,000 active nonprofits in Broward and it’s our job to know them all. We carefully evaluate these nonprofits and work with them to ensure those we support are well run, financially responsible, and making a real difference.

At the same time we also work with our Fundholders to define the things that really make them who they are. Powerful, effective and rewarding philanthropy occurs when the impact of your giving is driven by your values – those core beliefs that guide you through life.

That’s the Community Foundation’s secret sauce. We marry our deep local community knowledge with a true understanding of who our Fundholders are. It is how we make sure hundreds of philanthropists are making Broward better in ways that reflect their passions and honor their name and legacy.

More than 450 Fundholders have joined together in this work and together they have granted more than $80 million back to Broward. Collectively they have entrusted $173 million in assets to a world-class fiduciary that should make all Broward residents proud.

2016_8_1_DRW-Magazine_Aug16-2.pngThe collective impact of this partnership of local Broward residents who care about our community is immeasurable, so
let’s go back to those bald eagles. Harmony and Abe are both eagles unable to fly due to injuries. Knowing both that they needed a new home and Harold Rosenberg’s passion for education, we worked with the Harold Rosenberg Fund for Children’s Education of the Community Foundation of Broward. The result was a grant that will soon ensure Harmony
and Abe have a new habitat at Flamingo Gardens where they will be cared for and help children learn the importance wildlife

In the same way, the Mary N. Porter Cancer Research Fund of the Community Foundation is helping to get a promising new drug into the hands of those suffering from ovarian, prostate, and colorectal cancers. Although Mary Porter is no longer with us, it is our job to ensure her legacy lives on. What better way to do that than by supporting the fight against cancer, a cause she felt deeply about, right here in the community she called home?

The work of these and all the philanthropists who are a part of the Community Foundation continues to invest in every corner
of Broward in these and many other ways. Their work ensures we all live in a vibrant and flourishing community and proves that giving back to your community with purpose and passion can change lives, including your own.

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