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$2.4 Million Invested for Issues that Matter

Total grants for the year projected at $9.2M

Marketing panel guests for a grantee meeting on May 24, 2016: L-R: Jody Horne-Leshinsky, Rebecca Bradley, Diane Lade.

BROWARD COUNTY, FL (May 23, 2016)Community Foundation of Broward’s Board of Directors has approved a total of $2,406,030 in grants to address core issues that matter in Broward. The grants are part of a projected $9.2 million investment in Broward by the Community Foundation this year. Grants include support of nonprofits working to stabilize families in economic crisis, provide mental health services to seniors, prepare young people for the workforce, and combat coastal degradation.

The grants are the result of an 18-month investigation by the Foundation of local and national community well-being data and interviews with philanthropists, community leaders, field experts and residents to identify common community concerns.

“Our analysis identified ten areas of pressing community concern. We intend to invest $50 million during the next five years to address these challenges,” said Linda Carter, President and CEO of Community Foundation of Broward. “These grants represent our strategic commitment to this work and the improvement in the quality of life of all Broward residents.”

IMG_8534.JPGNew grantees participated in a panel discussion focused on marketing and storytelling at the Foundation on May 24th. More than 40 guests got insights from from Diane Lade of the Sun Sentinel; Jody Horne-Leshinky from the Broward Cultural Division; and Rebecca Bradley from Cadence. View photos from the event or contact for more information. Download press release

The following are three grants cycles for this fiscal year. Awarded grants range from $2,000 to $75,000 based on recommendations. Download list of grantees

School is Cool 2.0

(2016-2017 School Year)

The new School is Cool 2.0 approach combines lessons learned from the past three years of implementation with new ingredients that make for a successful recipe to impact the ABC’s (Attendance, Behavior, and Course performance) in reading and math. With a strong partnership between the Community Foundation of Broward and Broward County Public School District, middle schools and nonprofits will work together to implement customized, innovative, and high quality projects tailored to meet the individual academic and social-emotional needs of the most struggling middle school students. School is Cool 2.0 aims to increase high school graduation rates to 90% by focusing on middle school success.

The project must provide strong support in the ABC’s to motivate students and improve their success. In addition, optional enrichment components are included, i.e., Debate, Computer Science, Athletics, Global Scholars, Fine Arts and Career Exploration.

Participating schools: Attucks, Crystal Lake, Deerfield, Margate, McNicol, New River, New Renaissance, Olsen, Plantation, Rickards, Silver Lakes, Westpine, William Dandy
Participating nonprofit partners: After School Programs, Broward Education Foundation, Crockett Foundation, HANDY, Museum of Discovery and Science, OIC South Florida and Urban League of Broward County
Number of students: 642

Art of Community: $200,030 City of Hallandale Beach, $75,000
CRA Redevelopment of the Fashion Art and Design District (FADD)
The Fashion Art and Design District in Hallandale Beach will be the new focal point in an area that divides the east and west of the city, and bond residents and local businesses through a multimedia art and streetscape project. A total of 90 residents will take part in the project.

City of Pembroke Pines, $30,030
Feed Your Soul/Nourish Your Neighbor: Sharing Our Stories
The newly constructed Civic & Cultural Center located on Pines Boulevard between Palm and Hiatus will be the focal point for this project. The center will bring residents together with opportunities to:
  1. Interact in creative writing workshops where residents can create their own monologues and learn more about the stigma of food insecurity;
  2. Engage in Drum Circles that will encourage team bonding to “break the ice”;
  3. Design of two public art tables; one will become a public art piece displayed outside the Center; the other will be auctioned off as part of the crowdfunding effort to raise dollars to support the project
H.O.M.E.S (Housing Opportunities Mortgage Assistance Effective Neighborhood Solutions), $75,000
13th Street StreetScape – The ART of Unity
This project will empower residents in collaboration with artists to revitalize and beautify the impoverished NE 13th Street neighborhood through a large scale StreetScape. The City is providing the infrastructure to create a large traffic calming roundabout. The center of the roundabout will be the focal point for the large mosaic public art piece. 500 residents will plan, interact and create their own mosaic tiles that will be part of the large public art piece.

Slow Burn Theatre Company, $20,000
LGBT Senior Theatre
This project will address the stigma and discrimination that may cause mental distress among aging LGBT residents through interactive exercises culminating as three short plays at the Broward Center’s New River space (capacity 150). The plays will give 40 residents an opportunity to actively participate in all aspects of the planning, creation and execution of the plays.
BFit (Broward Fit)
Broward Regional Health Planning Council, $70,000
Lauderdale Lakes: A Healthy Community Zone
To support the Lauderdale Lakes: A Healthy Community Zone project, as outlined in proposal submitted. The City of Lauderdale Lakes will be the focal point for a new Healthy Community Zone model targeting the 34,000 residents. The project will transform the residents and the city by increasing access to healthy foods, physical activity, changing residents’ behavior; engage all sectors in creating and implementing solutions for access to healthy choices and advocate for policy change.  At least 200 residents will be tracked, surveyed, complete pre and post tests to determine their physical activity and eating behavior to help combat chronic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition of Broward, $65,000
Getting Healthy – Inside Out
This project will target 500 low-income women, men and teens who reside in the City of Lauderhill.  In collaboration with community partners, the project will provide a one-stop shop with nutrition assessments, educational classes, cooking demonstrations and fitness activities. Target individuals will learn how to change eating habits and adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle to decrease obesity/overweight and perinatal conditions that may lead to premature births and fetal/infant death. 

Schott Communities, $15,000
BFit: Shaping up with Schott Communities
Through a partnership with Special Olympics Florida, this project will provide a comprehensive health and nutrition program for 65 special needs individuals ages 22 through 76 and their families or caregivers. The participants will receive health education, daily exercises (at least 30 minutes per day), and stress management that will create behavioral change and introduce new healthy habits. Personalized health goals will be determined (weight, BMI and blood pressure) and tracked.

Broward Pride
Sunshine Social Services DBA SunServe, $30,000
LGBTQ Youth Internships
20 LGBTQ youth will receive paid internships at safe and culturally relevant work sites to increase their life and soft skills. Interns will participate in career navigation and readiness learning with resumes creation and mocked interviews led by an Internship Placement Coordinator. The project will provide hands-on, work-based experiences that will help interns build a strong foundation for future career success.

Cancel Cancer
Florida International University, $75,000
Investigation of Novel Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer Research
A continuation of this project, experts in cancer biology, DNA repair and drug screening will continue to explore new leads for drug treatments of prostate cancer. During the first year, a new screening method to identify DNA repair inhibitors were developed, the second year will utilize this screening to find out which FDA approved drugs are the most effective at inhibiting DNA repair in cancer cells.

Gilda’s Club of Broward County, $25,000
Touched by Cancer Support
Gilda's Club will provide 200 women support services and cancer education regarding the importance of early detection and screening for breast and lung cancer. This project will include workshops and programs such as meditation, spoken word and crafting to improve quality of life for individuals living with cancer, as well as specific LGBT women cancer networking groups to improve emotional well-being and encourage interaction among women with similar issues and concerns.
Holy Cross Hospital, $30,000
Cancer Research & Support
Holy Cross Hospital will offer cutting-edge new cancer therapies to 50-100 Broward patients who have not previously had access and thereby address their significant mortality rate. Holy Cross Hospital is partnering with Massachusetts General Hospital to offer SNaPshot molecular testing (a test for more than 50 well-known mutation sites in 14 key cancer genes) to ensure that all options are identified for patients, including research options. This project will also implement Clinical Trials Screening for every patient.
University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, $100,000
Precision Medicine in Broward: Personalized Molecular Tests for Cancer Patients
University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center will provide state-of-the art molecular analysis of tumors from 70 metastatic Broward cancer patients to improve their clinical outcomes, identify therapeutic targets, and understand molecular differences in patients of various demographic backgrounds. Patients will continue to be enrolled in precision medical clinical trials or prescribed treatment with commercially available therapies that are paired with patients' molecular alteration. Success of this research will enable treatment to escalate to all cancer patients in Broward and beyond as doctors will have the ability to provide specific therapies appropriate for the patient and increase survival rate.

Dignity in Aging
Alzheimer’s Family Center, $25,000
Crisis Respite Program
This project will strengthen current programs provided through the new In-Home Crisis Respite Program. It will provide help and respite to 200 caregivers who are experiencing emergency situations and/or need temporary assistance caring for seniors 80+. This project will help reduce stress levels for caregivers in addition to providing care to their loved ones.
Aging & Disability Resource Center, $50,000
ADRC of Broward Dignity in Aging Project
This project is an extension of a current program that will provide health coaching and depression care management to 500 seniors 80+ living in a community dwelling or homebound individuals and living with one or more chronic condition including depression or dysthymia. The new components are called Enhance Wellness and Program for Encouraging Active Rewarding Lives (PEARLS). Through these components, participants will increase or improve their exercise activity, coping strategies, symptom management as well as their communication with health care providers.

Center for Hearing and Communication, $70,000
H.E.A.R. for Seniors
To provide in-home hearing healthcare services, case management, and mental health counseling for 100 seniors, 80+ whom are homebound or have limited access to providers. A case manager and  specialist  will visit seniors at their residence, provide hearing screenings, make recommendations and install  assistive listening devices, create strategies to improve communications, and provide individual behavioral health counseling, if needed.  This program will help alleviate seniors’ feelings of social isolation.

Memorial Hospital Foundation, $65,000
Memorial ALLIES (Adults Living Life Independently, Educated & Safe)
Through wraparound case management style services, this project will facilitate connections to services and resources with close follow-up for 100 seniors, 80+. Seniors will receive training and help with home safety measures. Additionally, in partnership with four community senior centers throughout Hollywood and Hallandale Beach, seniors will receive weekly, interactive education and social sessions on how to maintain independence and quality of life (fraud prevention, medications, physical activity, stress management, arts and crafts classes, bingo, Senior Olympics, book clubs etc.).

Economic Independence
Hispanic Unity, $75,000
The Bridge Program
This project will enhance a current program through additional workforce education, vocational training, job placement and financial wellness services to 100 participants who are either unemployed or underemployed. By collaborating with community partners, participants will obtain the hard skills necessary to acquire or improve employment in the Customer Service, Retail Sales and/or the Banking Industries. The goal of the project is for participants to obtaining a degree or credential that leads to gainful employment what will increase their net income and pave the way for economic independence.

House of Hope, $45,000
Vocational Training
This project will provide job skills and coaching to 75 clients coming out of incarceration due to charges related to their addiction.  The clients are most often homeless and in need of a hand up to re-enter society productively and drug-free. This project will address the post discharge hurdle of unemployment and provide clients with the tools needed to become self-sufficient.
Animal Welfare
Broward County Animal Care and Adoption, $30,000
Purr-fect Foster
145 basic needs kits will be distributed to foster home volunteers caring for newborn kittens. The kits will include food, litter, formula, bottles, bowls, and litter pans designed to last 4-6 weeks. The foster volunteers care for the kittens in their homes while awaiting adoption. The project will place 1,000 spayed or neutered kittens in healthy, safe and new forever homes.

Cats Exclusive, $4,000
Low-income Clinic Subsidy Program
70 financially challenged individuals will receive assistance to help them keep their companion pets in their home. The subsidy program will provide emergency or special needs services that the individuals are unable to pay for, which may lead to them to surrender their pet.

Flamingo Gardens, $15,500
Bald Eagle Habitat
Two bald eagles will be provided with a new, healthy and safe habitat. Neither eagle can fly, so catching food nor surviving in the wild is not possible. Harmony, a 25 year old female bald eagle who is unable to fully open one wing and Abe, a 23 years old male bald eagle who has had one wing amputated after an accident with a car. The bald eagles will live out their lives in this habitat (48' wide by 32' deep and 15' high) while being used as animal ambassadors to help educate the public on bald eagles, threats to their species and their role in the ecosystem and the Everglades.

Humane Alternative, $4,000
Rescue, rehabilitate and adopt special needs dogs and cats
50-60 rescued dogs and cats will be provided with a foster home, veterinary care and rehabilitation, if needed, along with special needs screening prior to adoption to a new loving home. The project works closely with the adoptive family/individual to ensure a good match for both the pet and the family/individual to avoid future surrender of the pet.

Humane Society of Broward County, $36,000
Surrender Prevention Program for Owned Pets
80 pet owners who are unable to care for their pets and are considering their pets will receive, based on their circumstance, emergency assistance for surgical procedures, medicine, pet behavior counseling and/or temporary pet boarding. This project will prevent surrender in order to keep pets in their home and out of the shelter.

PAWS South Florida Rescue, $3,500
Seniors 4 Seniors
13 seniors will be provided with a senior companion cat that best fit their needs. Rather than the cats living out their lives in a shelter or foster home, they now have a chance to live in a loving home and serve as a companion to the senior and improve their quality of life.

ECO Broward
Dream in Green, $36,000
Water and Energy Learning
Two-hundred and fifty community residents will participate in educational workshops and be given an energy/water conservation toolkit.  This project will deepen their understanding of the energy/water nexus, climate change and other environmental impacts. It will also motivate energy and water saving behaviors that reduce a household's carbon footprint and help protect the health of our water supply. Cities and FPL will provide data on actual reductions in home water and electricity usage.

HandsOn Broward, $58,000
Building Broward County Coastal Resiliency
1,000 volunteers will conduct beach clean-ups, invasive plant removal and plant native plants. This project will also address the issue of critically eroded shorelines and reverse coastal habitat loss by providing coastal dune restorations to eight locations along Broward County’s coastline. The project is a collaboration between HandsOn Broward, South Florida Audubon Society, Youth Environmental Alliance, and Young at Art. Additionally, municipalities such as Lauderdale by the Sea, Pompano Beach, Hollywood, Hallandale Beach and Deerfield Beach have committed in-kind resources to support this project.

National Wildlife Federation, $40,000
Broward Habitat Connectivity Project
On thousand students and citizens will be engaged and help plant up to 17,000 native tree seedlings, create or expand six habitat buffer zones at local schools and parks and certify 200 private properties as wildlife habitats. Along with local partners, this project will also restore habitat and increase tree canopies on public and private lands to improve habitat connectivity for migratory birds and other wildlife.
Youth WORK
Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, $6,500
Teen Arts Ambassadors
30 youth, ages 14-18 will be provided with a year-round leadership development program. Through a series of mentoring workshops facilitated by community leaders, hands-on activities volunteer activities and visits to different businesses and nonprofits, youth will improve their life and soft skills and prepare them for academic and career success.

The Dennis Project, $30,000
Game Changers Youth Advisory Council
15-20 minority, low-income youth that reside in the underserved areas of Ft. Lauderdale, Lauderdale Lakes, and Oakland Park will receive employability and life skills workshops. The youth will engage in hands-on training, learn how plan for future career success and earn a paid internship. The project will increase their independence and knowledge while working on teamwork, cooperation and conflict resolution skills.

The FLITE Center, $75,000
Let’s Get Ready to Work
60 current and former foster youth aged 14 - 21 years old will receive employability skills training following an evidence based curriculum developed specifically for youth who have been in the welfare system to ensure their ability to successfully enter and navigate the workforce. Through the addition of an Employment Trainer, soft and life skills will be taught in partnership with Children's Harbor who will also provide for job shadowing and internships that may lead to employment.

The Fruitful Field, $36,000
Grow City Youth Farm and Table Internship
10 youth (14-17) will be provided with paid work opportunities at an organic urban farm while developing their life and soft skills. The youth comes primarily from the impoverished neighborhoods of Deerfield Beach. Through work-based learning experiences as well as linkages to a variety of community members and professionals (CPA, teacher, chef, church leader, Cub Scout leader, etc.), youth will increase their sense of responsibility, work skills and soft skills, and build a strong foundation for a future career in any field.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, $70,500
Startup Tech
80 low-income students will be provided with tech-entrepreneurship courses, including sessions for soft and life skills. With their partnership with Broward County Public Schools and the National Academy Foundation students will embark on a 120 hour long hands-on internship experience. The youth will leave the project and high school career-ready based on the learning of how to think like entrepreneurs, gain highly-demanded technical skills and acquire important professional and interpersonal skills through an on-site work experience.

Taylor's Closet $10,000
25 at-risk girls will be provided with work readiness and work-based learning opportunities that will improve their employability and soft skills. While in this program, girls will learn how to job search, create a resume, interview skills, teamwork, punctuality, and communication, etc. Participants will have an opportunity to earn a paid internship position, which will increase their customer services skills while working in the Taylor’s Closet store.
Field of Interest
Anti-Defamation League, $20,000
No Place for Hate
Provide anti-bias education and professional training to 12 Broward County schools impacting approximately 9,000 students. The project will work with the schools to develop a framework for building and sustaining a school culture that promotes inclusion and respect.
Equality Florida, $21,848
Safe and Healthy Schools
Work with the School District to create a culture of inclusion and respect in Broward schools to promote tolerance and understanding and counter the bullying, harassment, social isolation and bigotry. Equality Florida will create assessment manuals, provide technical support to strengthen LBGTQ support programs and serve as a go-to conflict resolution resource, which will give LGBT youth a better school climate.
Museum of Discovery and Science, $52,732
Beyond the Karman Line: The John H. Rau Comprehensive Learning Initiative in Space Science
The Museum of Discovery and Science will continue to ignite, instill and further a passion for space exploration through its permanent exhibit and special programming that includes outreach to 1,500 students from Title 1 schools, BECON TV series, IMAX films, space focused day camps and a field trip to Kennedy Space Center for 50 students.
Planned Parenthood of South, East & North Florida, $37,290
Teen Time
Teen Time will deliver age-appropriate, medically accurate, comprehensive sexual health education to a minimum of 400 Broward County adolescents, ages 12-17. Participants will gain knowledge and skills that equip them to avoid risky behaviors, resist coercion, and make healthy choices. Through outreach events, 3,000 teens will receive critical preventive health information.

Safe Schools of South Florida, $15,000
Safe Schools Project
150 LGBTQ Broward County Public School students will receive resources that will help them address issues of anxiety, depression, isolation or acceptance. Training will be provided for school employees about the issues LBGTQ youth are facing and how to address issues of bullying and self-esteem.
University of Miami, $11,937
Research and Treatment of Arthritis-Related Diseases
30 new patients enter this project a week to continue the study of pathogenesis and response to therapy. This project will continue to grow the division of rheumatology by increasing faculty, recruiting more patients for research studies and expand community interactions through awareness programs.


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