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Do Broward Seniors Life Life to the Fullest?

Learn about an innovative program, supported by our Fundholders, that helps  keep our 80 and older neighbors active in the community and safe in their homes - so they can thrive. VIDEO

Breakthrough Cancer Research in Broward

See how a new cutting-edge weapon in the battle against cancer is being developed in our community - thanks to Fundholders at the Community Foundation of Broward. VIDEO



Saving Scarlett: Foundation Fundholders to the Rescue

Scarlett's family couldn't afford lifesaving surgery so they brought her to a shelter to be euthanized.

You won't believe what happened next. VIDEO



Call for Grant Applications to Impact Economic Independence

Support for Broward’s struggling working individuals and families is at the heart of our latest round of potential grants. Get the details here. 


Uniting the Community Through the Arts

Hear the incredible story of a local artist who leveraged support from Foundation Fundholders to create a performance to unite the community around some critical issues. MORE


Year-Round Commitment to Broward's LGBT Residents 

Leaders from Broward’s LGBT community gathered to celebrate how far Broward has come - and how far we still have to go - to continue to create a community where all residents feel accepted and included.



New Study Sheds Light on Broward's Older Population

The Silver Tsunami: A Comprehensive Study of Broward’s Older Population includes input from more than 500 seniors, caregivers,
nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and corporations.

It provides the critical information needed to create research-based solutions to improve the lives of Broward's seniors. 

Community Matters Magazine - Summer 2018 Issue

The Community Foundation of Broward keeps a finger on the pulse of the community. This enables us to take bold action on the issues that matter. Find out how we're creating Broward's future.



2018 Broward Pride Grantees Announced

The Foundation continues to stand in solidarity with Broward’s LGBT community to create a more vibrant, inclusive and accepting community.


The Little Seal that Means a Lot

You may have noticed the small unassuming seal tucked away in the corner of all Community Foundation of Broward publications. More


Community Foundation Ranks among Top 100 By Assets

For the fourth consecutive year the Community Foundation of Broward is ranked by the Columbus Survey among the top 100 community foundations by assets. More

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